15 Questions: Nobuhiro Masuda – Pegy

Had been sitting on these for a while – responses from Tokyo’s Nobuhiro Masuda – Pegy to most. I rode with Pegy a few years back, at the same time JD from World Deece was also in London – nicely captured in a picture from Jazz Square, Dalston, late in the night. Then again with Daisuke and others on their global Motobunka tour. Each time I have observed a different way of seeing Omote and Ura sites; a different method, or way. Thanks Pegy

1. Name and age and years riding?

Nobuhiro Masuda, every one calls me Pegy (Peggy) for some pegs reason.

31 years old and started riding in 2004, so will be rinding almost for 15 years now.

2. Why do you ride and how does riding make you feel? i.e. What motivates you to keep getting up after all the times we fall on the harsh concrete?

Riding BMX in the streets makes the world different. How you see the city, somehow it brakes the boarder line easily, keeps you as a kid forever, and motivates you to keep thinking things from different aspect. When you even eat shit, all these things makes me motivates riding, traveling, and do things through BMX.

3. Any martial art that ends in ‘do’ i.e. Judo, Aikido, Kendo, originally was considered a path for enhancing the body, mind and spirit. Do you think riding could fit into this idea of a ‘do’ form?

Haha funny question for me but I whould say YES. Those ‘do’ things have a mold for and I feel it’s kind of style in riding. Prefect your body, mind and spirit as they do and that will make something new or something you can feel better, maybe change how you see things, you can keep changing through your riding.

4. How often do you push yourself past your mental barriers? Do you think that this is an important aspect of riding?

I always do when I film things. I think it’s important for to keep riding. I don’t feel good to do the same things and I don’t film much for just fun, but maybe I’ll do that for instagram haha.

5. What matters to you, trick progression or how things feel? Is progression of technique important to you? i.e. getting a move down every time so it feels natural.

I matter witch spot and how. Use all the things as much as you could or how strange you used.

6. If you’re filming a clip would you use the clip that felt good in the moment or the one that looked best when you look at the footage even if it felt awkward?

Looked good. I don’t feel good at doing anything.

7. Is the history of street riding and it’s forefathers important to you? If yes, why?

History is important for everything and also for riding. There is no reason to do the same thing.

8. What/who, if any, are your influences?

All the street riders and architecture.

9. What do you feel the difference is between riding in the day and night apart from the obvious?

In specially for Tokyo, it’s totally different. If I can, I would ride at day time, but for here it’s pretty stupid to do that. There is millions of spots that you can only ride at night here so we have to. I don’t feel like it’s cool because it’s night footage if there is no special concept or something. I think it’s the same thing for New York and London but Tokyo sucks more.

10. How are you aware of your surroundings when out riding? i.e. Architecture, vibes of different areas, people etc.

I would love to feel everything in the city. It is a part of riding for me.

11. What is your favorite city/town to ride? And why?

I will say Tokyo. It’s where I was born and where I grew up so it makes scene to ride here.

12. What kind of spots do you look for or do you just ride what you come across? What are your views on ‘non-spots’?

I always think how can I use. So I will ride anything if that is possible but I don’t ride a perfect spot a lot that everyone rides.

13. How/Why do you choose the products that your bike consists of?

I mostly ride Alive Industry and Animal products witch is the best two street brands for now.

14. How do you feel at the end of a ride?

I think there is an end of filming ride but I think there’s no end for riding my bike.

Don’t feel, think.


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