15 Questions: Chase DeHart

Some riders are just mystical in their abilites. I'm not talking tricks here, I'm talking about style, flow and simplicity, everything the aspiring mystic should crave. Chase DeHart is one such rider. A true master of the two wheeled Way, if ever there was one. We should always learn from the masters, so get ready... Continue Reading →


15 Questions: Nobuhiro Masuda – Pegy

Had been sitting on these for a while - responses from Tokyo's Nobuhiro Masuda - Pegy to most. I rode with Pegy a few years back, at the same time JD from World Deece was also in London - nicely captured in a picture from Jazz Square, Dalston, late in the night. Then again with... Continue Reading →

The Pegless Way

Pegless street riding is the root of all street riding, it is the original form. Just as the Way is the root of all things so pegless street riding gave birth to all the myriad forms of street. It is intrinsically linked to the Street Mystics Way. From this one style, many pegless styles came... Continue Reading →

15 Questions: Ji Hoon Lee

What is a spot, before you see it? As always the interview speaks for itself. No introduction needed. Thanks to Ji Hoon for these words and pictures. 1. Name and age and years riding? Ji Hoon Lee, 26. I lost my count of how long I’ve been riding but it would be around 9-11 years.... Continue Reading →

15 Questions: Nico Badet

Back to the original 'no pictures style' with this one. Here we have the French street master Nico Badet. I'm sure that there isn't anyone who doesn't know how this cat rides but just in case check out his 'Bros lost clipsss' section on the YouTube for some sweet sweet street riding in the pegless... Continue Reading →

The Sword and the Bike

‘On the first day of training, sword and human meet as alien objects; over time, they become one living thing. Eventually the blade will magnify and project the actions of the body, reflect mood and mindset, and ultimately reveal the pathway to the core of being’ 1 Sound familiar? If we change the words ‘blade’... Continue Reading →

15 Questions: Daniel Niles

  Dan Niles is a well known name on the London street riding scene, a four peg, bob-bar rider, film photographer, traveller, occasional blogger, and all round nice guy. You may have even have had the pleasure of riding with him. You can trust his riding; it has a history, nothing super fancy, but a... Continue Reading →

Omote and Ura

Omote and Ura; The seen and the hidden, is the name of a video that I’m currently finishing off. I’d like to explain what this means in relation to BMX street. Omote or the seen, the visible, the obvious, the easily obtained, this is a certain type of spot say for example, banks. Ura or... Continue Reading →

15 Questions; The Count

Very happy to have 'The Count' answering the questions this time. One of my favorite riders to watch. I really enjoyed his answers, they seemed to convay the same spirit his riding does. If you've never seen The Count ride then check him out on any Make vid or Hit The North 1 and 2... Continue Reading →

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